What I’ve Learned During My Time in Ukraine…

The last five weeks here have been unforgettable. I have had so many incredible experiences, made countless new memories, and met dozens of amazing people.

Here is a list of just a few of the many, many things I’ve learned while I’ve lived and served in another country and culture.

(Please excuse my lack of consistency in grammatical structure :)…)

  • Germs won’t kill you
  • Sugar is the most important ingredient in tea
  • Cabbage is an abundant vegetable
  • The power of prayer
  • No matter how full a marshrutka seems, there is always room for one more (or two…or ten…)
  • You can always live with less
  • God is the God of all people, of all nations, and of all languages
  • Conversational practice is necessary in learning another language
  • Relationships can be so much more than surface level
  • “Sharing is caring” (really!)
  • What true fellowship looks like
  • How to make couscous!
  • Air conditioner isn’t as necessary as we think
  • There is so much love to be given and to be had
  • Communication is possible without a shared language
  • It is possible to grow so close to people in a short amount of time
  • Traveling halfway across the world alone isn’t as hard as it sounds
  • Never try to fit 6 people into a small elevator!
  • Sub-lesson: “Every babushka knows” (and now me too!) that no more than 4 people should be in an elevator
  • A common purpose (serving) and a common God unifies a group so quickly and so closely
  • The world is so big yet so small
  • McDonald’s is McDonald’s, no matter the country
  • The importance of discipleship in the church
  • 50+ or so new Russian words!
  • No matter how good you think you have it, someone else always has it better; no matter how bad you think you have it, someone else always has it worse
  • Just because it’s “different than how we do it in America,” doesn’t mean it’s wrong
  • Sunscreen is kinda maybe a good idea
  • Everywhere you go, you leave a piece of your heart behind….

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