Ukrainian Ice Cream Adventures!

You know the ice cream post had to come eventually…:)

As this was my first international trip, it was also my first international ice cream tasting adventure.

I have always been an ice cream lover…Personally, I think I could live on ice cream if I had to–in fact, there’s a running joke in my extended family about that very idea. And more recently I have become an ice-cream-around-the-world nerd (see my 6 minute informative speech with Powerpoint on ice cream around the world my junior year of high school).

So humor me for a few minutes as I share about my ice cream adventures in Ukraine!

Ukrainians love ice cream! With the hot summers (and marshrutka rides!) and limited air-conditioned places, ice cream is a nice, cool treat.

The most popular way to eat ice cream here is as individually packaged treats–little cones, bars, tubes, etc. There are tons of fruity flavors and also lots of CHOCOLATE! A few extra-interesting flavors include pistachio and poppy-seed.

When we were at camp, there was a little shop where we could buy ice cream any time we wanted to (aka DAILY), and Martha and I found a favorite type: Tiramisu ice cream bars! These ice cream bars had actual coffee beans inside–so good! These definitely need to make their way to America… :)

Yum! :)

Another wonderful way to enjoy ice cream is from the little gelato stands on the streets! I was missing my favorite flower flavored gelatos, but I did manage to find a couple other cool flavors. Some of my favorites were grapefruit and black currant!


Mhhhm, gelato!

I made sure the Russian word for “ice cream” was one of the first words I learned—mhhhhm мороженое!


Lastly, check out this crazy Ukrainian ice cream commercial… :)


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