One Year Ago Today….


One year ago today, we said goodbye.

One year ago today, we got the call: around 6am July 16, 2012, my grandpa passed away.

After seeing him in such suffering and pain the days before he died, his passing was, in many ways, a moment of peace and victory. Yet it was also extremely bittersweet, as I knew I would no longer have a chance on this earth to see my grandpa, to hear his booming bass voice, or to be hugged by this godly man I had looked up to my entire life.

Now, one year later, I am serving in a place where he served, loving a people he loved.

I have a deep respect for the legacy of missions he left behind, and I feel so honored to be here in Ukraine–a place he loved to serve–celebrating his almost-93 years of life today. In the two weeks I’ve been here, I can already see why he loved this place so much and why he loved these people so much. My prayer is that I would have the same heart he had for these people, and that, in my own small way, I could continue the work he began in this country.



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