I’m here! I made it! I’m alive!

Yes, as I write this, I am sitting in a lovely apartment in the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine!

This is my 3rd day in Ukraine, and I’m starting to recover from jet lag!

My first international flight EVER went very well! I was so fortunate not to have any delays or mess-ups! The toughest thing was just navigating though some confusing airports and waiting in lots of lines. The number of times I went through security during my travels definitely outnumbered the number of hours of sleep I got (the number of minutes actually..:P)….But I made it through customs, and my luggage arrived on time!

When we were driving from the airport to the apartment I’m staying in, Odessa almost seemed like it could be another city in America…until I noticed that everything is written in Russian–all of the signs, billboards, etc! It’s so crazy to actually experience a real language barrier–it’s something professors have tried to simulate in the classroom, but nothing compares to experiencing it in real life.

Another difference here is that there are dogs and cats EVERYWHERE! They sit on the roads, on the sidewalks, in parking lots, outside our apartment… So many animals that I want to pet but can’t!

Another cool thing here is the markets. There are rows and rows and rows of stands, each one selling their specialty–from meats to breads, to toys to candy! A lot of people also set up tables to sell fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, and fish. Something new for me was seeing fresh shrimp that still had their eyes! :)


The view from our apartment!

Tomorrow we have training, and then it’s off to family camp! I’m excited to meet the families and to get into the camp schedule. And the nerdy grammar-lover and future-teacher in me is so excited to start teaching English!

Hopefully I’ll soon conquer my fear of looking too touristy and work up the courage to take some pictures around the city and at the market!


One thought on “I’m here! I made it! I’m alive!

  1. hi there rosie girl- for all i know you may be sleeping right now. this is another great day for america to celebrate the freedom we tend to take for granted sometimes. so glad your trip was so smooth and you arrived without any delays or etc. will be fun to see some more pics when you have time- looks like a very nice city. how far away is the camp you will be at? It will be another hot day today, however very beautiful out there. I will go to my usual get together at klaassens at fish lake- am making my secret recipe for baked beans- the recipe is- look in the frig and cupboard and see what you can do to jive up the beans- am also adding some of Kevin’s sausage. they always have a boat parade out there and fireworks after dark.
    sorry- i forget to make paragraphs when i send messages. no big deal. just talked to gabe and he says he is coming home tomorrow and he,jeremy and davis are going back packing in duluth. hope they have a fun time together.
    ines called and announced her engagement– wedding in munich sometime in oct. she wants me to come but i must consider how healthy i will be by then. the energy is still not what i want it to be.
    they have only the curb and gutter and tar on the road on my street. not too sure how soon that will happen though. it really hasn’t been that bad of a thing to go thru when we could come in the back way.
    had an opportunitly to play at comm. bible church last sunday- was a super good sermon by their interium pastor.
    okay i have rambled on long enuf now- love you- proud of you- and will keep you daily in my prayers—-love love love- grams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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