Here I Go…

Well…here we are!
Tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting on an airplane, anticipating the next 17 1/2 hours of travel ahead as I fly from Minneapolis to Odessa, Ukraine.

Right now, I am packing the last few things into my suitcase (just kidding…I actually haven’t opened my suitcase yet…oops!) and saying some goodbye-for-now’s…and just enjoying my last cookie-dough ice cream cone for a while! :)

What I’ll Be Doing

I’ll be in Odessa for five weeks participating in International Messengers’ Redeem the Summer Internship program (More about International Messengers here: During those five weeks, I will be assisting IM’s missionaries in suburban Odessa. Most of that time will be devoted to two Evangelistic English camps (first a family camp, and then a youth camp). Between and after the camps, I will also be doing a lot of follow-up–meeting up with campers, building relationships, getting them plugged in with the local church, and maybe even giving some private English lessons!

I’m not sure what all to expect over the next five weeks, but I am so excited to serve through teaching (something I have a passion for!) and to get to know the Ukrainian culture.

I appreciate everyone’s prayers and support as I take off tomorrow. I’ll try to post updates and pictures!


Пусть приключение начнется!

(Let the adventure begin!)




A “secret” dream of mine?

To taste ice cream all around the world.

Let the taste-testing adventures begin!